Make Money Through YouTube Without Adsense Approved

Without making money in this way without adsense.

If you are thinking of earning money but your Adsense account is not getting approved then what to do. It is so often that the account of the big youtuber closes the account and does not earn its money even if it does so without an account of the account you can earn a lot of money.

Make money with similar review and sponsorship

If your AdSense account is not running but your good subscriber is on your YouTube channel, then you also earn more money because you review any product, you will also give something similar to the company's money and you will also get sponsorship Good money will also earn

How to get sponsorship

Who has more than 1 lakh subscribers, easily gets sponsorship , but small youtuber is having trouble because he has 10 thousand subscribers and company does not contract him because the company does not match the small subscriber The company itself must have to match if your channel is small but you make good videos so you get sponsorship easily

Keep these things in mind for sponsorship

  • Your channel must have at least 5000 subscribers
  • If you create your own content then only you will get sponsorship
  • If you have more views than your subscriber, then you have the full chance to get sponsorship

Earn money from instagram

It is a popular site to know about Instagram. If you are a youtube or if you are a normal Instagram user, which is much more follower than you can afford, then you can easily earn a lot of money which is bigger than 1 big actor. Earn money. To earn money, it is important to have a few more followers, then you would have got the money to get promoted. It is that there are many such companies which offer money to promote their goods whenever you are promoting any company. Will speak before That I will give you so many rupees in exchange for those posts.

If you have a lot of follow-up, then the company will speak on your own to make the promotion but you have fewer followers, so there will be a lot of websites from where you can get a contract.
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