Make money now by creating a website

How to earn money by creating a website

Hello friends if you want to wish money by making a website So I will tell you today how to earn money from how a website is created because those who are new people do not know that money can also be earned by making a website. More people will know about YouTube itself, that money can be earned by making a video on YouTube, but the truth is that YouTube has a double earning website.

To create a website, buy a domain

Now you will have an idea how to buy a domain so buying a domain is very easy. You can go to any website to take the domain. This is the entire website that gives the domain. I think you should take a dot com because it is a toplevel domain and this domain comes up in Google's search engine

Which would be the best WordPress or blogger

Ask me if I use blogger myself now because you do not have to take webhosting in Blogger, you can create a website by going to the domain, but the facility you get in wordpress is not in Blogger because you get less function in blogger but you If you are new now then it will be the best blogger for you when you start earning money from Blogger to WordPress.

How to Make Money After Creating a Website

Now that you have made a website, now you will have in mind how to earn money from the website. As well as the outsiders of you know about YouTube that money is generated from publicity in YouTube, the promotion comes from our ads, it is in the same website, if you have to earn money, then you will have to approve it by creating an AdSense account. Promotion on your site and you can earn money

How to get approved an Adsense Account

This is the problem with many people that their account is not approved, so what to do if their Adsense account approved friends should be at least 10 days old, then you should apply for adsense.

Five Ways To Get Adressed Approval

  • Put a seo friendly theme on your website that is unique
  • Your post should be at least 400 words
  • You can create this 3 page in your website, contact us, privacy policy
  • You do not copy any of your posts or else your site will not be approved and the photo will not contain any other watermark
  • Make a time for your posting so that the adsense will feel that it posts daily at the same time.
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