How to get approved Adsense Account । With this pro trick

How to approved adsense account

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to get the AdSense account approved because the Bahot people are troubled by it, so today you will be able to tell you something like this that your Adsense account will be fully approved.

Always use top level domain

Many of you do not use top-level domains and use .tk but I tell you all this is a local domain domain that will never get you the approval of Google adsense. I believe that you always bought top level domains Such as .com, .in all this domain will do it, you will get quick approval.

Use the right template

If you have taken a top level domain but your website template is not seo friendly then your adsense will never be allowed because Adsense always wants that the promotions displayed on your website show up well that people who visit your website . If you want a seo friendly template then you can watch the video on YouTube, it has all the videos in it which tells which template is good.

Write the post correctly.

Now the most important thing is that how do you write to your website because the adsense does not allow you to design your website, if you have written something wrong that is against the AdSense policy, you will not get it. And whatever posts you write should be very long, if you have written all the posts and are in lowercase, then it is a bit difficult to get the approval।

Some pro tricks to approved Adsense account fastly

  • You must create three pages on your website. contact, privacy policy, about us, this page will make you approve if your friend increases your chaos more
  • You post more than 500 letters in each post and your whole post should be at least 20, then you apply for adsense.
  • Your domain should be at least 10 days old, then you will only get the adsense approval if you already apply for AdSense
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