How to earn money by creating an application

How to Make Money by Creating an App

Many people will be in the minds of how the application is made and how to earn money because those people who want to create an application will get money automatically because the amount of money can be earned by making an application that does not earn in YouTube and the website. Let me tell you how the application is made and how to make money by making an application.

How to make application

If you also want to create a professional app then you must have html and javascript and if you do not get it then you will be able to create a simple app. So let's know how to create an app. If you want to earn money by making a modem app then you create an app from thunkable because you do not have to go javascript in thunkable html. You can make a simple application like someone does not have to cook food You can create an app for cooking and also create an app that people who download, the more people download now, paytm money-making app in which you can add a lot of promotions and earn a lot more.

How to make professional app 

Easy application will be made from you but how to make a professional app. Because not everyone will make the app with cooking or paytmearning so we will talk about how to make a good looking app. For this, you must have a laptop, because professional applications will be made from laptops. To create an app, you need to download a software called Android Studio, as you have seen profesaional app, it is made from the Android studio and if you do not get coding then you will never be able to create an app from Android studio as I told you. Had you not got the knowledge of html and javascript then you will not be able to create an app.

How to earn money making application

How do you make money because you can not earn money because of the use of your app, so let me tell you how to earn money from the app. First of all, you will have to make an account for an admob and Because of an addendance that will remain your account, you can promote your app on the second account which will have to create an account because the money you have earned will be your adsense Go into account then you can send that money to your bank

How to put an app on the Play Store

Uploading an app to the Play Store is very easy because this feature is available on almost all the websites whenever you create an app then you get the option of publishing the play store application, but one of the rules of the Play Store is that you will get the first time app Will have to pay $ 20 for publishing. After that you can dose as much as you want on the App Store.

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