3 Ways To Get Through To Your EARN MONEY ONLINE

             3 New way to earn money online

3 new way to earn money online
3 New Way To Earn Money Online

Hello friends, today I will tell you  5 ways to earn money online. People who are just like those who do not even know they can earn money online too. And many people, such as those who know that money can be made from the internet, but do not know how they earn money, so today I will tell you 7 ways that you can 
earn online.

1. Make your own website

If I tell you that you can make a lot of money making your own website, then many people will not believe that how can a person earn money by making a website and even the very popular people will know that money can also be made by making a website. I can tell you that making the website is very easy, you can create it from Blogger or WordPress. Now how do you make money on your important topic so whenever you create a website then after writing a few posts, you can use your website for adsense Applying with adsense is that the promotion will be displayed on your website so that you can earn a lot of money. This is the best way to earn money.

2. Earn Money On Affiliate Marketing 

Now, we will talk about affiliate marketing this is the most popular now, to make money, many people will not know exactly what affiliate marketing is, so I tell you in short sentences, like a broker earns money in the same way is. There is such a shopping site that you can work in. I would like to name you some shopping site. Flipkart, Amazon. This is a very big site. You will share some of the links with other people and the person will buy the same from your link. You can earn a lot of money by getting some commissions from this way.

3. Make Money by Making Video

Now you will talk about the most popular thing that is YouTube. You can earn so much money. You can not imagine that if you become popular once you get YouTube, then you have earned so much that you will not have thought of how to make videos on YouTube. Can earn So, for this you should have an email, after that you create your channel and download the video of the most important thing and do not vote for it. This will delete your channel. And to earn money, you must have 4000 hours watch-time on your entire video and only one thousand subscribers will be approved by your users.

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