Just earn unlimited paytm money from these 4 applications

Earn paytm money online with this 4 apps

Hello friends, today we will talk to you about how much paytm money is earned. Many people go on a mock application and they work in it when they send money, so do not get money. So, let's know about 5 apps Who will pay you a lot of money

1• Mpl

 Friends, the first place application is mpl. It is the largest paytm cashing app and it is easy to use too. It's now downloaded over 1 million Play Store. These application gives you money to play the game. And in this you can win the next prize, for that you have to download the Pro version

● Share and earn get 9 rupees and 20 token
● Minimum withdrawal limit 20 rupees
●maximum transfer limit 5000 rupees

2. Winzo

The second place that comes with the application is winzo app. This application is also a great application. In it you can earn daily 1000 rupees easily. In this how you earn money, tell me, you can earn money in two ways winzo first Every day the competition runs in it, you get the money according to the rank, and the second option is that you can also earn money by playing games which you will

win money in your paytm wallet Will go.

●Minimum Limit 1 rupees
●share and get big prize
●only 1 withdrawl per day

3. Bulb smash

Friends, the third application is a bulb smash; It will be known to many people from among you about this application, but to whom he does not know, Bulb smash is a real application. In this application, you can make bulb four money in this application. can earn from also you get a referral option and you can send it quickly in paytm. You can download this application from the play store.

● Per Refer to get 10 rupees
●no refer limit share and earn unlimited money
instantly pay your money paytm wallet

4. Topquiz

is a hat quiz on the fourth place in which you keep coming new contests every dayThere , you are asked a few questions and you will give all the questions to the question. Then you get money from the rank and the amount of money you run in paytm

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