Now Earn Money Only Playing Game

Earn Unlimited Money only playing game

Hello Friends How are you going to tell me about a game that you can do millions of games by playing games, then tell me this application is MPL. This application is very popular now, people are making huge money for playing games.

To download this game you will need to go to the play store and search the MPL game after you download this game, after logging this game, you will have to log in to this option. This game will give you a login with your paytm number because whatever money you make Direct your paytm wallet will run.

When you are logged into the MPL game, you will see 5 or 6 games in this game. You can select the game you are expert in playing this game. You can play this game sometime or sometimes.

Which game is easy in MPL and which is easy to play.

There are 7 types of games available in this game. 

The first game is Fruit Ninja, this game lets you cut fruit.

 The second is the runout in which you have to target the wicket 

The third is the Namem monster truck in the game. In the game you have to save the truck.

There are more types of games such as Ninja Jumper and Jam Crush. One of the easiest games from which you can earn money easily is that fruit ninja and monster

How to participate game contest And Win Big Prize

When you are logged into this game then you will get Bonus Rewards in it. You can participate in two ways in one way that you can play your money and you can play the token in the second option. You will become partcipate in the game, the more score you score, the more money you get.

How to withdrawl your wining money

When your game gets 20 rupees, then you can send your money to your account. This is one of the best things about mpl that whenever you add money to your money, then your money can take more than 5 seconds to arrive. is. And there are lots of options to get rid of, such as apoay pass paytm account, so you can transfer your money in upi if you do not even have an upi, so you will have all the bank accounts so you can transfer your paused bank account Can easily do

Some Rules on this game

  • If you do not do kyc with your Aadhar card, then your pot will not be withdrawn.

  • You have less than 20 rupees in this game, so the money you have will not be withdrawn

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